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              David Chin Bamboo Rod Maker,Wildlife & Nature Artist


David Chin : Profession. Retired System analyst-IBM mainframe systems design, program, implementation, PC interface and networking.


David ChinArtisan.  Taxidermy,  Artist, Wood carving, Wood working, fly tying, Bamboo rod maker, retired warm water and fly fishing guide, retired waterfowl hunting guide and nature photography and digital raw image processing.  

Wildlife Photography :   

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Construction in progress


Hand made cork handle, reel seat insert, and silver nickle cap and ring. All rods are personalized with  hand painted Flies and fish by rod maker.


hand made wooden reel seat and Nickle Silver Caps and Ring 

All rods are hand painted by the rod maker of the fly and rainbow images on the reel seat

                                      Spring time Daffodial  

                                     Painted Buntin in Full Spring colors

                                       Mallard duck prunning

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